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    Led by front man Olly AlexanderYears & Years was created in 2010 and released their chart-topping debut album “Communion” in 2015. Proof of the band’s success, this album ranked first in the United Kingdom the week of its release and 60,000 samples were sold. Touted as the fastest-selling debut album in 2015 from a UK band, the album produced the hits “King,” “Eyes Shut,” and “Shine.”

    Three years later, Years & Years is back with the release of “Palo Santo”. Palo Santo is a whole new universe created from the imagination of vocalist Olly Alexander and he said ‘Where can I be my freest self, not tied to a gender or sexuality. I’ll just create my own world where those things don’t exist, where anybody can be any gender and sexuality that they like.’ He also revealed that Palo Santo, in videos, narratives online and off, finally climaxing in every sense of the word onstage in the all new Years and Years show.  Debuted in the top three of the UK Album chart, energetic dance-pop beats from the new album includes “Sanctify,” “If You’re Over Me,” “All For You” and “Karma.”