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    Formed in March 1996 by Yujin Kitagawa and Koji Iwasawa, YUZU started to play on the streets of Isezaki-cho, Yokohama. In October 1997, they released their 1st Mini Album “Yuzunomoto”. With their empathic lyrics and striking tender melody, they attracted many people and gained attention with their 1st Single “Natsuiro” released on June 1998. They have captured nation-wide fame after their 1st Album“Yuzuikka” released in July 1998. In the same year, their last street live performance on August 30 attracted 7,000 people, and this became a catalyst for street lives to become a social phenomenon. Following up their street performances, their shows took place in concert halls and eventually progressed to the next level of arena. 


    “YUZU HALL TOUR 2017 UTAO” will kick off this autumn which shall mark the group’s first performance in 5 years since their last Hall Tour in Japan. This November, Hong Kong fans will enjoy their critically-acclaimed performance again. Don’t miss out!

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